School of Rock – Saturday 10:00 – Panel Room B
Students from the School of Rock music school will be kicking off the 2019 Tulsa Pop Culture Expo with their amazing musical talent.
School of Rock is a music school for all skill levels, ages, and musical aspirations. With students ranging from toddlers to adults, School of Rock is where music students grow into real musicians.



Fab at 40 – Jon Hines – Saturday 1:00 – Panel Room B
Fanboys918 Presents FABULOUS AT 40 – THE FILMS OF 1979: Alien, Star Trek: The Motion Picture, Moonraker, Buck Rogers in the 25th Century, The Black Hole … all of these movies have become interwoven in our lives and ALL of them celebrate their 40th Anniversary this year. Come join the gang from Fanboys918 as we take a deep and personal dive into the movies of 1979 and why they still matter… or do they?


501st – Chris Curtis – Saturday 2:00 – Panel Room B
Meet The LEGIONS: Star Wars Costuming Clubs
Come gather some inside information about the largest costuming clubs in the galaxy! The 501st Legion, Rebel Legion, Mandalorian Mercs, and Droid Builders groups share with you details about what we do, why we do it, what’s involved, and how we can help you get started on your own path to the Light or Dark Side. Hosted by Chris Curtis, Garrison Commanding Officer.


Ladies of Legion – Saturday 3:00 – Panel Room B
Denise McKay is going on three years as the Alo’rad of the Ge’tal Vheh, the Oklahoma chapter of the Mandalorian Mercs Costuming Club. While running the MMCC she has also been a part of the 501st Oklahoma Garrison and Rebel Legion Kessel Base as Juno Eclipse. She joined the costuming groups when she moved to Oklahoma from California. Denise used the MMCC, 501st, and Rebel Legion as a way to make the move across country easier. Little did she know that the Star Wars costume groups would provide her with lifelong friends and family. When not participating in Star Wars events she can be found reading comics, collecting action figures, playing video games, working on aerialist training, and spending time with her family.



Finding your Community – Saturday 4:00 – Panel Room B
Cosplay Alliance Tulsa offers an introduction to cosplay beyond just thread and needle work. Discuss what the cosplay community looks like from the inside, the ways you can be involved both in and out of costume, and how to find your local community.”


Crayons Improv – Saturday 4:00 – Panel Room C
Crayons Improv has been performing all ages comedy improv since 2007. Performing in and around Tulsa, OK they’ve had the privilege of being involved in many comedu festivals such as: Out of Bounds in Austin, Tx, Improvaganza in Hawaii and Chicago Improv Festival. Crayons performs their own brand of both short and long form improv. Hosting a monthly show open to the public second Fridays at Heritage United Methodist Church, they are also available to hire for private events.



Tulsa YouTubers – Saturday 1:00 – Panel Room C; Sunday 12:00 – Panel Room B
The local Facebook meetup group Tulsa YouTubers will be leading a discussion answering the most common questions about how to get started on your very own YouTube channel. Led by Carissa McGee, this panel will focus on topics such as idea generation, promoting your channel, and best practices to help get more eyes on your content.”


Creating Comics Sunday 12:00 – Panel Room C
A panel teaching the basics of how to use Manga Studio aka Clipstudio Paint to create a comic/manga for print or for a webcomic.



Intro to Sewing for Kids Sunday 10:00 – Panel Room C
We are going to do a hands on sew-along craft to teach kids (and maybe some adults) the basics of sewing. I will give a very brief sewing introduction of why it’s important in general and how it can be used for cosplay.
For beginners we will teach a simple running stitch and for intermediate and advanced we will go over the blanket stitch and the knotted blanket stitch. Anyone wishing to participate with receive a pair of felt mask cut outs with pre-punched holes that will allow their plastic yarn needs to go through. I’m going to bring a diagram to show everyone how each stitch works and my husband and I will walk around the room and help anyone who needs it and be available for questions. If participants get done early with sewing the mask pieces together, I will provide stickers that they can decorate their mask with further. Finally, I will show everyone how to attach ribbons to their masks so that they can be tied around their head.


Indigenous Panels Saturday 5:00 – Panel Room C
“Roy Boney, Jr. (Cherokee Nation) is an award winning artist, writer, and Cherokee language advocate. His work has been exhibited around the world. His writing and artwork has appeared in First American Art Magazine, Native Peoples, Indian Country Today, Oklahoma Today, and Art in America. He is a painter, comic book artist, and digital media artist. He has contributed to the graphic novel anthologies Tales of the Mighty Code Talkers, Trickster, Native Graphic Classics, and the newly released Moonshot Volume 3. His work can viewed at”


A member of the Kickapoo Tribe of Oklahoma and Tulsa Artist Fellow, Arigon Starr is a musician, actor, playwright and artist. She created the Native comic hero “Super Indian,” and is editor/artist/writer of “Tales of the Mighty Code Talkers,” listed on the American Library Association’s 2018 100 Best Graphic Novels.


Johnnie Diacon is an enrolled citizen of the Muscogee (Creek) Nation of Oklahoma (Mvskoke), Thlopthlocco Tribal Town (Raprakko Etvlwa), and he is Deer Clan (Ecovlke). He is a graduate of Bacone College in Muskogee, Oklahoma and the Institute of American Indian Arts in Santa Fe, New Mexico. A noted artist for nearly four decades and the father of five (four girls and one boy) with two grandchildren. He currently lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma with his wife Nikki and their son Emerson.