Darren Dalton

Darren Dalton began his journey in the entertainment industry after being discovered by Francis Ford Coppola during a nationwide talent search for the classic 80’s film The Outsiders. Portraying Soc Randy Anderson, the film launched an acting career that would include Red Dawn, Fame, Montana and a number of other roles in feature films and television.

Darren’s passion for writing and storytelling soon moved him behind the camera where he has doctored a number of scripts, cut his teeth as a writer and producer in the trenches of low-budget independents and done several writer for hire projects while building a solid core of original work including the HP Lovecraft horror adaptation The Lurking Fear, which Darren also directed in the summer of 2019. The film is currently in post production for an early 2020 release.

Other titles include American Jihad, an action drama in pre- production at Universal.

Darren has also written and produced reality television including CMT’s All Jacked Up. His debut fiction novel EPOCH will be released in 2020.

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