Cosplayers in full force at
Tulsa Pop Culture Expo!

Cosplayer Guest

We are bringing back Featured Cosplayer Guests spots this year and would love to invite you to be a guest. Our Cosplayer guest booth is a place to interact with the guests, giving tips, taking selfies and just having fun.

Please Note we ask:

  • experience being a cosplayer guest at other cons
  • please no risque costumes
  • be available for booth appearance for 3 consecutive hours

Submissions are closed for 2019


Cosplay Runway

This is your opportunity to show your stuff! Check in at noon to participate in this non competitive cosplay fashion show for all ages. No awards will be given, just the pleasure of having your moment on stage with your costume. All skills and no skills are welcome!


Cosplay Contest

Saturday, Nov 2
All Ages
Sign up: 10 am – 2 pm
Prejudging: 2 pm – 5 pm
Contest begins: 6 pm

All contestants will have time onstage to model their cosplay.

Prizes will be awarded!


Cosplay Contest Categories

*Bought cosplays are suggested to enter the Cosplay Runway, not the cosplay contest. The cosplay contest is for craftsmanship cosplayers, who have made at least 75% of their total cosplay*

Beginners: has not competed or has less than 3 placement awards.

Intermediate: has received 3 placement or more awards at conventions

Masters: has placed best in show at a convention, or has won more than 5 placement awards

If you qualify for one option in several categories, you compete in the higher category. Judges have the discretion to move competitors into different categories, only if they will receive a placement in the category.

Sewing Category: To enter the sewing category, competitors must sewn 75% of their cosplay within the sewing medium.

Armor Category: To enter the armor category, competitors must have a total of 75% armor on their cosplay. Armor can include a wide variety of mediums, but the 75% cannot include sewing.

Mixed Media Category: To enter this category competitors must have at least 40% sewing and 40% armor work on their cosplay.

Groups are limited from 2-6 people, and the scores of each individual will be averaged during the judging process. Groups are expected to have made 75% of their cosplay.

Any questions should be addressed to the costuming chair.

Lori Squires


Cosplay Judges

Marlie and Allison
Divine Creations Cosplay is a competitive cosplay duo from Oklahoma. Allison has been cosplaying for 5 years, and loves to cosplay Zelda, Padme, and many others. Marlie has been cosplaying for 2 years, and cosplays Zelda, Disney, and several others. Some of the awards they have won are 1st place at Tokyo in Tulsa 2019, and judges award at Dallas Fan Expo. They both look forward to Tulsa Pop Culture Expo and can’t wait to see all of the amazing cosplays!



Cheeky Cheetah Cosplay (Anita Holmes) is an award-winning Costume Designer and Cosplayer from NW Arkansas. She has guested, judged and competed at almost every known convention from…Oklahoma and Missouri to Dallas,Texas.

This year in May at Fan Expo Dallas, she competed and won “Best In Show”, advancing her to the Masters Of Cosplay Grand Prix Finally in Toronto, Canada. Where she competed internationally against 5 of the top cosplayers from around the US & Canada.

She has been actively cosplaying for almost 5 years now, and has created a plethora of costumes of varying technical difficulties, from the worlds of comics, anime, cartoons, games and much more! If you can geek out over it, she has probably built something from it!

Her attention to detail, and her vast knowledge & talents in so many of the cosplay building mediums (from sewing, sculpting, resin casting, prosthetics, thermoplastics, foam building, lasers, CNC, etc.) have pushed her to not only continue to create some amazingly ornate and detailed costumes. But, it has also given her the opportunity to inspire and share what she does & how she does it, through social media tutorials. She has also been know to host local classes teaching many in the cosplay community her techniques.

She believes Cosplay is for EVERYONE.. Not just for those who are great at it, or those who may be the most popular!

She loves geeking out and talking shop with anyone who takes the time…and hopes to inspire others like so many have inspired her through the years!


Prize for Best in Show

Donated by Sewing Machines of Tulsa.
Janome 4120 QDC-B
And many other prizes!!!

Cosplayers in full force at
Tulsa Pop Culture Expo!