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November 2 - 4, 2018

Renaissance Hotel | Tulsa, OK

Pangolin’s Puzzle

Pangolin's Puzzle

Pangonlin’s Puzzle

  • Developer: Hero Factor Games

Pangolin’s Puzzle features a rich story that follows our main characters through an African landscape as they outwit a gang of dangerous poachers. Pangolin’s Puzzle features a unique gameplay that challenges players’ powers of logic, deduction, and reasoning with a fresh approach to the classic logic grid puzzle type, otherwise known as an Einstein Puzzle. The puzzle involves reading a set of clues, then moving pieces around the grid to reach the solution. Beautiful art absorbs players into the pangolins’ world, and the puzzles blend into the story to create an engaging and challenging experience that symbolizes the difficulties facing real-world pangolins and conservationists.

Pangolin's Puzzle